Cross-Border Tokenized Asset Exchange Platform

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Our goal is to create an Asia wide Business Loans Asset Exchange.

Step 1: Digital Passport

Imagine if any entity and person could digitally know and trust who you are.

Identity verification is done by proof of identification, selfie, sanctions screening, e-signing and physical site visit (borrower).

This digital passport will serve to provide KYC, AML, and FATCA compliance that accepted by regulators.  

Step 2: Tokenized P2P Lending

Removing the costly middleman and enable P2P lending across countries.

Traditional banking fees, fiat transaction costs, and currency exchange losses cut into P2P lending margins

We will also start to incorporate and tokenize new asset classes into the platform – all of them built on the Ethereum block chain.


Step 3: Asia-wide Asset Exchange

Finally, an exchange to trade business loans and any other asset classes

This has never been possible before – we aim to provide liquidity to traditional business loans and enable asset fractionalisation. 

The Blockchain Asset Exchange will democratize trading and include real world assets across Asia.


 Making Lending to SMEs border-less, transparent and liquid as compared to traditional financing.

Our Roadmap


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Statistics of

Total Loan Turnover
Effective Returns
Months of Operation
Default Rate
Loan Pipeline

Borrowers are established Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with >2 years in operation and > $ 1 mil turnover.

Loans backed by SME’s directors’ Personal Guarantee.

Only platform in the market with a provisional fund – GenieShield.

The Team


Akshay Mehra

CEO & Co-Founder
15+ years experience | Certified Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) by MAS | Innosight Consulting | Brand Management at Procter & Gamble | Masters in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management

Bikash Saha

Executive Director & Co-Founder
Retail Banker with 20+ years experience | COO of Standard Chartered Capital Korea | Lending to retail and business client segments | Master in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management | Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology

Kunwar Vivek Singh

Technology leader with 18+ years experience | Hardware and SaaS development | User Interface/ UX for Tazo | Nokia Siemens Network | Co-founder, Moxie Labs | Master in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management | Electrical Engg. Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology

Wai Leong Wan

V.P. Operations
First Class Honours (Economics) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore | Director NTU Economics Society | Kuok Foundation Scholar and CFA Level II Candidate | Credit Assessment and Risk Analytics

Petter Sehlin

Blockchain Advisor
Partner and IC-member of True Global Ventures I,II,III | Founder of the Polarchain blockchain | Founder of Youcal PaaS tokenized platform services | Founder of SCALE X, seed investment vehicle and startup incubator

Eduard Dzhamgaryan

Marketing & Crypto Advisor
CBDO ICObox ICO Analyst/ Advisor| CEO and Founder of GMPay, ICO, TGE, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech Enthusiast| Member of Advisory Board – Micromoney

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